Hello, Cloud Streaming noob needing help with iTunes and Sonos

Hello everyone
I have just purchased a WD Mycloud Home as I want to stream my iTunes library both through my Sonos system in the house and to also enable me to have access to my music when I am out and about too. I thought I had purchased the device to help me achieve this, but alas I have failed to realise my dreams.

I have tried working my way through the various topics in the WD support guides, but it is not making sense and I need to find out how to solve this, or to realise if I have bought a pup!

I have successfully copied iTunes files to the new device, however on the mobile app it shows tracks as “file type not supported”. I have seen, now, that this is due to iTunes format however looking for a solution on iOS has eluded me.

Likewise help as to how to then get Sonos to see the music so my wife or I can stream from the MyCloud unit on my or her Sonos app would be very much appreciated.

Failing all this I have bought a good doorstop that at least provides me another backup space for photos (like I needing my wife says)…here’s hoping it will do what I wanted it to though!

Thanks in advance for any assistance and for bearing with this dark age dwelling tech noob.

@CeeDubya73 the My Cloud Home mobile app does not include an audio player. You can try VLC media player for iOS but you will have to “Open In” for every single audio file if you’re remote.