"Sync to MyCloud" Not Available when Right-Clicking

Hi - I just setup my new My Cloud Home Duo and installed the WD Discovery software. I have a Windows 10 system with two internal hard drives installed. The first © is mainly for program files. The second drive (E) is for storage. Please see pic to illustrate below. In file explorer, when I right-click, the menu option “Sync to My Cloud” is only available for “Documents” down to “Videos”. (These are actually all empty as I don’t use them). “Sync to My Cloud” is not available when I right-click on any files in the C or E drives, which is where all of my data is located. It seems the My Cloud Duo is only seeing the “quick menu” items at the top but it is not seeing anything on my internal drives. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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@bhath2 Desktop Sync supported file paths are listed here.including any folder that resides on the desktop itself.


Hi @bhath2 thanks for bringing this up. There is some filtering in place which only allows the sync function to work on certain common folders. There are some reasons behind this but you have a very valid argument that anyone using a secondary drive to specifically hold data is going to hit a wall pretty quickly. Let me take this back to the team internally and see if this could be improved at some point.

Thanks again for reaching out.

-Matt Dimmick
My Cloud Home Product Team

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I would really appreciate more sync folders. Like the OP, I have all my data on a second (built in) drive. So, the folder sync on limited folders that I do not use (for space reasons on the SSD drive) is really frustrating. Pleased to see the acknowledgement of the issue, so please try and resolve ASAP.


Yes please update the code to allow us to sync any folder anywhere, not just c drive. It won’t even let you sync when you use windows to relocate Pictures or Documents to another non-SSD drive. Very frustrating considering the little tutorial after installing the Discovery software clearly says right-click any file, any photo, any folder… Please please fix. Probably will return the item without this functionality.


What is the mac’s sync folders?

Hi, Can someone please clarify this for me.
SBrown, your reply says that "all files and folders inside of non operating system or 2nd hard drives such as d:, e:\ " are supported.
The support guide also seems to suggest that this should be the case as it only says that “Desktop Sync of folders on the root of C:\ are not supported when the Operating System is also installed on the C:\ drive. The Sync to My Cloud option will not be shown for folders on the root of a drive that host the operating system.”

Like some members above, I have all of my files stored on the D drive and yet I dont get the option to sync any folders at all when right clicking on any folder (in D or C).

if you do not see the “Sync to My Cloud” option on the supported C:\users\USERNAME folders or anything on the D;\ drive at all, then check the My Cloud Desktop Version. It may still be on v2.1.0.205 which means that it hasn’t updated to v2.1.0.209 which is done over the air. v2.1.0.209 corrects the issue of Sync Option not showing in v2.1.0.205


@tomoroma can you confirm that your WD Discovery is not set to English Language?

Hi, thanks for quick response.
I have ‘Discovery v.3.2.256’ and ‘Desktop v.’.
Yes it is in English language…

@tomoroma something could be blocking. Do you have any Antivirus, End Point Protection Internet Security or other 3rd party Firewall software installed? Any changes to the default C:\Users\username\documents or other folders like being sync’d to OneDrive, Dropbox or other changes?

I have standard AVG virus software which doesnt seem to be blocking it, and windows firewall. I have moved my default document, documents, pictures, videos, music etc. folders onto the root of the D:\ drive, but even when I move these back it doesnt give the option to sync. Also this wouldnt explain why I cant sync anything from any other drive.

Any other ideas on this?

I was hoping to use the My Cloud to backup settings and data from %appdata% under windows, which is in C:\Users<USER_NAME>, but not one of the above listed locations. Is this possible using the MyCloud Desktop app?

I have Cloud for Apple and Sync I was hoping to be able to sync all my data however, there is no link to transfer all the data from these cloud base apps. would like to see this in the future.

Where is the version #? Also is My Cloud Desktop different than WD Discovery?

Hi. Hope someone has answer. I have c: and d: drives. I can sync my d: but I can’t sync anything on c: even in the users/user name/Documents directory.
Can one sync from 2 discs to my cloud?