Sync Desktop Content

I am not able to sync any windows folder by following the instructions below, - I do not have that option
I am able to setup a folder on the the the My Cloud Home Duo to do work off-line.
I re-installed WD Discovery with no success.
I have a yoga 900 running with i7-6500U @ 2.5GHz 64 bitwith windows 10 PRO machine, 16GB of ram,

You can sync content from a Windows or macOS / OS X system to a My Cloud
Home device with the Desktop Sync feature. This is a folder sync. Once the My
Cloud Home desktop app installation process is completed, follow these

  1. From within the operating system, Right-Click a folder and select the option
    Sync to My Cloud.
  2. This will create the WD Sync folder on the My Cloud Home device. Inside this
    folder will be the folder chosen during Step 1.
  3. Any content added or modified to this folder will automatically sync to the My
    Cloud Home device through the My Cloud Home Desktop App.
  4. To stop the Desktop Sync process, Right-Click the folder and select the option

Hi yannick8995,

You can have a look at this KBA:

Dear James,

You have to be kidding.

What a short sighted solution’s implementation.

However, This article does explain how to make it work.

And it works

I do thank you.

Yannick LeRolland


Hi, Yannick8995.

I have the same problem on Windows 10. No “Sync to My Cloud” option after Right-Click a folder. Instead, there are “Make Available Offline”. On MacOS this menu item is available (“Sync to My Cloud”). Not in Windows 10.
How you resolve that problem?

We decided not to allow any of the directories on the C drive to sync,
except for the user’s folders listed in the Knowledge Base Article:

I hope this helps

I’m sorry, but I was talking about the inability to synchronize these folders. Only the option “Make Available Offline” is available for them.

That is correct.
You cannot sync any folders on C

Try to reinstall the discovery software
I did not have that problem for the user/folders