Sync stopped connecting to My Cloud EX2 Ultra


Until the firmware update December 2018, I was able to sync from my MacBook Pro to My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Since the firmware update, I’m not able to use the WD sync app to sync to my EX2 Ultra and transfer files. I still have access through the WD My Cloud web access and able to see previous uploaded files and can drag and drop files. And I have access to the Dashboard through the IP address. But can’t sync with Admin and password.

I removed the sync app and downloaded what seems to be a newer version. After the download completed and it recognized My Cloud EX2 Ultra, I select My Cloud EX2 Ultra icon with admin as the user name so I signed on with my password but it does NOT recognize my EX2 Ultra password. Any idea how I might get the My Cloud EX2 Ultra Sync app to work once again?


Hi ralee2511,

You can follow the steps provided in below mentioned article in this concern.



Thanks for the assistance. The Sync process shows both of my devices (EX2 and EX2 Ultra). I can sync into the EX2 but when I try to sync to the EX2 Ultra it indicates my password is incorrect. I have rebooted Modem, Switch and the EX2 Ultra and that did not work. I have access to the Dashboard and the My Cloud. It is only access with Sync that is the issue. And it worked just fine until after I received the latest update with the firmware update in December.

I looked over the procedures in the link you provided and followed the directions that pertained to my device. Unfortunitly I was unsuccessful with getting a different outcome with trying to sync to the EX2 Ultra.

I will try removing the ethernet cable from the switch and connected it directly to the Modem and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work I am open for any other suggestions?

Thank you,




I disconnected the ethernet cable from the switch and connected directly to the router and it worked. I was able to sync to my EX2 Ultra and it is currently coping files. Looks like there is a switch issue with both the EX2 and the EX2 Ultra both connected to the switch.

What are your thoughts?



Hey Brandon,

I went back and checked on the Sync process and I notice it was Synced to my EX2 not the EX2 Ultra. I was very disappointed because I swore it was Synced to the EX2 Ultra. I tried to connect the Sync to the EX2 Ultra and it of course said invalid password.

So connecting the ethernet cable directly to the modem didn’t work.

Now I’m back where I started and can’t sync to the EX2 Ultra.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



I’m having the same problem right now I’ve tried everything but nothing works, I followed all the steps I could find on the internet but still nothing.

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Support has contacted me via email and gave me some directions but they were unsuccessful. They said if the last suggestion doesn’t work to call them.

Here is the latest response;

Try resetting the device with a 4 second reset as it will change the admin password to default. Please refer to the link below:

How to reset a My Cloud EX2 Ultra device

Of course I tried the procedure both with a new password and without and neither would get the sync working.

As soon as I have time to spend, over the phone, with support, I’ll post the results.

Stay tune.


I made the call to WD Support and a level 1 WD support tech worked with me for 42 minutes. That was unsuccessful. He transferred to a level 2 WD support tech and he worked with me for 33 minutes, also unsuccessful. So far we are still unable to resolve the issue with syncing to my EX2 Ultra. The level 2 WD support tech will email me a procedure on downloading some documents from the EX2 Ultra and email those to him.

Then he will turn the documents over to a level 3, determine the next step on resolving the sync issue, and will call me back.

Stay tune we are getting closer to resolving this issue.