Sudenly not recognizing all files on an external drie

I have a 3tb drive attached. I’ve built a library of movies on the drive and have been successfully using it for years. I have over 200 movies on the drive. Yesterday after adding 3 new movies to the drive the WD TV Live is now only recognizing about 65 of the file. Uh, what happened and what must I do. I’ve verified that the files are still on the drive.

delete the .wdtv folder on the hdd and reboot …

if that doesn’t work clear / rebuild the Media Library (via Setup > Operation)

Uh, now the WDTV live doesn’t acknowledge that the drive exists.

I have 2 3tb drives hooked up (and have had that for several years). While trying to work with the problem I first reported disconnected the drive I was having trouble with, hooked it up to my pc to determine that the files were there and could be viewed. I brought it back and hooked it up to the WD TV and now it doesn’t even acknowledge the drive. The other drive is just fine. Ughhhh. What have I done?

You recommended I delete the .wdtv folder on the hdd.delete it from my external drive or from the internal drive on the wdtv?

The WDTV Live Streaming does not have an “internal drive”

only the WDTV Live Hub does (if that’s what you’ve got, then you’re in the wrong forum)