Movie Files transferred from another hard drive dissapeared

 I transferred about 40 movie files from an external hard drive to my WDTV live hub. the files were on the media player and worked just fine until i disconnected the media player and hooked it up to another computer. when i hooked it up all of the files that i had transferred were gone. Any insight as to why this might happen?

did you disconnect while it was still transferring files, if you didnt reset the hub, underneath the hub their is a pin hole

use a pen tip to push in slightly or reset via hub settings

What do you want to say with “hooked it up to another computer”. What and how?

probably need some more info …

almost sounds like 

  1. You connected an external HDD to the WDTV Live Hub

  2. Transferred 40 movies to the WDTV Live Hub’s Internal HDD

  3. Disconnected the External HDD

  4. Plugged the External HDD into a computer and discovered the 40 movies were “missing”

“missing” will happen if you selected the " Move" option on the WDTV Live Hub.

You should have selected the " Copy" option on the WDTV Live Hub (which does not remove them from your External HDD)