Suddenly not able to access in network

I have a Mycloud 4T. Running windows 8. I have been transferring files from an external hard drive to my Mycloud.
I have the My cloud hooked up to an ethernet switch, then to my ATT Uverse router.
I hook an ethernet cable from the ATTrouter directly to my PC to make the file transfers faster via the cable rather than through wifi.

When the ethernet cable is hooked to my PC, all is well and the Mycloud is recognized and normally when I would disconnect the ethernet cable from my PC, the Mycloud would still be recognized but just through wifi.

But now for a reason I dont understand, after transfering a bunch of files and unhooking the cable from my pc, the mycloud is not found on my network, and when I go to control pannel and check *Hardware and Sound, then *View Devices, I see the Mycloud but it has an exclamation point in a triangle and when looking at properties, it says connection error.

Also, cannot access dashboard by IP address…But when I reconnect that ethernet cable to the PC, it comes back like new. Also tried restarting the ATT router. no change

All of this just started happening, It was fine both ways.
Any hints? Thanks

There is a known issue with certain ATT routers that can cause problems with the My Cloud units. the workaround is to put a switch between the My Cloud and the problematic router. See the following WD Knowledgebase article for more information.

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Thank you