Suddenly can't access MyCloud Mirror device

On Win 11 and Win 10 MyCloud Mirror worked fine. Suddenly, it’s not found on the home ethernet network. is unreachable.
We did change our modem on Rogers to their Ignite service, but everything else on the network continued to work.
All three lights on the front of the device are blue.

Thanks for any suggestions …


DHCP on router? Did the IP address change? Try a 40 second reset.

Hey sktn77a,

Thanks for your advice. That may have done the trick. For some reason my home ethernet network has been skitterish since the the change to this Rogers Ignite modem, but just now, after your 40 second reset recommendation, I can see the MyCloud and a couple of other computers on the network.

The MyCloud IP is now radically different than what I was used to seeing before (I accessed it via http://mycloudmirror/), so as you suggested, perhaps it needed to pick up a new address.

The control panel came up and I have access again. Yay!

Thanks again for your help, sktn77a.