MyCloud Mirror - Unable to Connect to Network


I have a My Cloud Mirror and am having trouble connecting it to my home network.
When I directly connect it to my PC, it works and I can configure everything.
However, when I connect it to my router (or my network switch) via the same Cat5e cable, it does not work. I have tried resetting the NAS and using every port on my switch and router.

Regardless of where I plug it in (outside of my computer), the top light stays red and I cannot find it on my network. It also does not trigger the light on my router or network switch to show that the port is active. However, when I plug my computer into any of these ports - it works and lights up accurately. The light turns blue when it is plugged into my laptop or desktop too.

Any tips or ideas?
Thanks, C.

I have been having similar issues and spent hours on the communities and web, with no permanent solutions.
So far I have been able to solve one issue and that is to access the My Cloud from my PC and that was done without re-enabling any disabled Windows software or any other solution.
What I did firstly was to:

  1. Open a Windows explorer and type in the IP Address so, 192.168..
  2. when the Login screen comes up use another account to login
  3. in the username use your My Cloud web login email address
  4. use your web password
  5. Tick to remember
  6. OK
    This let me access all of my shares.

Now I haven’t been able to use the same to Map the drive but I was able to use it to Map a share, which is a pain but also depends on how many shares you have and how many drive letters you have spare.

Hope this helps, now I just need to try and work out the rest such as re-establishing my backup routines.

Good luck