Subtitle overlap / disappear too quickly

Hi There,

While watching certain movies and animes with english subtitles, I’m noticing that subtitles disappear quickly when they should stay on screen.

This usually happens when 1 person is talking in the background while someone is talking in the foreground… or when the subtitler has something to describe (would show at the top of the screen usually).

If I were to watch the same video on mpc or vlc, the first subtitle would show or move up after the second.

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

Device Info - 1.13.18

part # WDBHG70000NBK


The background girl says the bottom line, then 2 seconds later, the foreground girl says “please forget this”. Both stay on screen.

On the wd player, the “hero… hero” line goes away after 2 seconds.

On longer lines, this does get annoying…

Upload the sub somewhere so we can take a look.

Here’s a different one with a similar problem. Sorry about the lag in response. I thought I’d get an email saying someone responded to my query.

I took this file from [HorribleSubs]_Naruto_Shippuuden_-_298_[720p]

[[HorribleSubs]_Naruto_Shippuuden_-_298_[720p]_track3_und.**bleep**]([HorribleSubs]_Naruto_Shippuuden_-298%5B720p%5D_track3_und. bleep )

.bleep is really .a s s; minus the spaces – didn’t think the forum would bleep out a file extension

Happens around 00:01:23,  after the one guy says “He and I are sibling students”. The WD just skips past  the next 4 lines.

With ‘CCCP’ installed on my computer, I’m able to watch this properly.

Mmh, I’m not sure I’m getting your problem. I’ve checked the sub’s timecodes the 4 items after “He and I are sibling students” are timed consecutively (albeit in very short intervalls), so there would be no 2 items on the screen at the same time. Also, on both WDTVs I get to see all 4 items, only “For that, it’s me he owes…” is very short. That said, WD’s A SS support is rudimentary, it’s more or less a second version of SRT.

What do you suggest I do?

The only options seem to be the size and the border… which don’t seem to do anything.

Some subtitles disappear quickly while others don’t show up at all… when viewing on my WD.

I don’t want to resort to watching on my computer or hooking its hdmi up to my TV, else buying this WD would be a waste of money.

I also have no wish to re-encode the things I watch on a weekly basis.

btw, “He and I are sibling students” stays on screen til 1:29… too long.

It’s not letting the lines after it show up. Perhaps the sub file handling is rudimentary and isn’t letting subs stay on screen… 2 or more independant lines should be able to be displayed on screen… That’s how PC sub showers work at least.

seems to be problematic for subs that are on screen for 2.5 seconds or less
… the problem seems to be inconsistent :confused:

VLC seems to handle the subs fine too

Haven’t checked the whole sub but if there’s really no two items on at the same time as is possible with A SS, you could save as SRT and see if it’s an improvement.

How would I go about submitting the bug?

Extracting, converting and merging seems like a chore considering everything else I have show the subs correctly.

Add a new issue in

but don’t get your hopes up. The lacking A SS support has been critized regularly to no avail.

ok, i’ll make a circular reference and put the link to that issue in case anyone else comes here for help: