Full support for SSA/ Advanced SSA subtitles

I love the WDTV and it would be great if it could fully support SSA/**bleep** subtitles. This is mainly feedback that I hope will get to the developers of this device. The issue that I am having with it now is that the WDTV only displays subtitles in a certain location without formatting and without support for multiple subtitles going on at the same time when it plays a file with SSA or **bleep** subtitles. This makes comprehension of these subtitles essentially impossible on the device. If the developers want to reproduce this effect, play the video with SSA subtitles in VLC media player or MPC and compare with how it is played using the WDTV. I can provide many samples of these videos upon request. The most important thing would be to support positioning and being able to have more than one line at once so that they don’t obliterate each other. This is really useful for instance if there is a background conversation going on at the same time as the main conversation or whenever there is karaoke. The other features of SSA/**bleep** such as embedded fonts, custom colors, formatting, drawing, and animation would also be lovely but if you can just get the position problem solved, 99% of my problems with the WDTV would go away. Thank you so much for making this product. I like WD electronics in general (especially the Caviar Black drives) and if the WDTV and similar future technologies stay up to date with standards in subtitles, I will be a customer of your company for life.

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Using MKVtoolnix, Subtitle Workshop, and some Pascal scripts for subtitle workshop, I have developed a workaround for the timing overlap issue.  It basically involves extracting the SSA/A SS subs, converting them to srt and then using the scripts to merge them whenever their times overlap. 

Go to this link here:  http://www.urusoft.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=7728  to see the scripts under post #46.  I am YJR on that form.

Good luck guys and hopefully support comes soon.