Multiple subtitles visualizzation with MKV files

I noted this problem while I was watching some subbed anime with my WD TV: if there was displayed one line of text and the mkv took another line of text that had to be displayed with the precedent one(For example one person is speaking and the television is also speaking or for example a person is speaking and there is a note on what he is saying), the two lines are not displayed simultaneously but the second line replaces the first and I do not have the time to read the first entirely.

I notice this defect beacuse the player on my computer displays the two lines without errors.

For example the second line is in the low part of the screen above the first or in the high part of the screen.

Can this be fixed?

+1 but I don’t see it happening.

It was my main gripe when I purchased WDTV (gen 1) a year ago.  Many things got fixed through firmware but this problem is still there.  That, and the {} subtitle comments displaying.  You’d have thought that they could at least remove the { } lines as they did (I think) with the italic format marker.  From what I can see WDTV Live still has the same issues so they either can’t fix it, won’t fix it, or it’s low priority (not sure what’s high priority though)