Please change subtitle support ASAP


The new subtitle support is completely useless, please change this right away, it seems the text color is transparrent, this means that when the picture is dark, the text becomes unreadable … it should be white with a dark border, PLEASE CHANGE ASAP, if you live in a country where almost every movie is subtitled and the support on the wd tv live is unusable renders the product unusable …


I always use subtitles on all my MKV files. I only had this problem once with a custom DVD movie I made from a MKV. I added the subs and created the DVD using TMPGEnc Authoring Works and those subs are transparent, but all other subs are fine…


The transparent border has been around since firmware 1.00 with any SRT subtitles, whether internal or external.


It’s is not the border but the inside that is the problem, the problem is also seen on another post (not by me) :