Subtitle Problem

I RIP most of my DVDs into MP4 files using Nero Recode, which allows me to include up to 2 bitmap subtitles into the MP4 file (these subtitles are encoded into the MP4 (H.264/AVC) file, they are NOT separate .srt files).

Much to my apprectiation, this type of subtitle is supported on the WD TV HD Media Player!  HOWEVER, there are two issues.

  1. Each subtitle stays on the screen until the next subtitle command is encountered.  They do not automatically disappear when they are supposed to.  In cases where there is a long period of time where nothing is said, the most recently displayed subtitle text will stay on the screen the whole time.

  2. When these bitmap subtitles are displayed on my computer, they have black outlines around them that make them easier to read, regardless of whether the screen is light or dark at the time.  When these same bitmap subtitles display on the WD TV HD Player, they are white only, with no black outlines.  This makes them difficult to see when the backgound image is light, and impossible to see when the image is white.

What type of border do you have selected in the settings for subtitles?

The lack of borders with bitmapped subs affects the live product line, too…