Sub folder permitions

Hi to all,

I need to create a share and then, create several subfolders inside.

On that sub folders I need to grant access only for some users.

How to do that?


  • Share “AREA” (Users: A, B, C)

                 |__ Folder X (user A)

                 |__ Folder Y (user C)

Thank you,


You can’t.   The MBLs don’t support advanced Access Controls.

Hi Tony,

Can we set sub-folder lever user access in WD My Cloud…  ?

If I need sub-folder level advanced Access Controls, does WD has a solution or poduct for that…



You only have Public and Private folders. 

Subfolders will have whatever permissions the parent folder has.

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hi, i solved this problem with easy way … :slight_smile:
first you need to make a public folder
and then set the permitions to other folders…
after all …just make a shourtcut from all folders on public folder :wink: