Permitions to subfolders PR4100

In WD PR4100 it is able to create shares and establish permitions to it. I wanted to give permition only to a subfolder in a given share. Is that possible?

For example: I have two users: Josh and Patrice. I created a share, TRAVELS that only Josh can see. In that share there are several subfolders and I want Patrice to be able to edit only one of this subfolders and still not be able to see the others. How do I do it?

Hi montreglu ,

Users have share permissions to the Parent Share and all Sub-Folder Shares are under the Parent Share. You can not give permissions to a Sub-Folder Share as it adopts the Parent Share permissions.


You could make 3 shares:

  • Patrice
  • Josh
  • Family

If you would map each of these shares on your PC, data transfer between shares is slow as all data passes your PC.
To fix this, you could create symlinks via SSH:

ls /shares

This lists all your shares, including “Patrice”, “Josh” and “Family”.

ln -s /shares/Family /shares/Josh/FamilyShare

This creates a symbolic link “FamilyShare” in Josh’ share to the Family share. Anything Josh puts into this FamilyShare directory goes straight to the Family share, without passing his PC first.

SSH access is at your own risk. Don’t mess up.