Stutters when reading .MTS files with Elements Play



Unsuccessfully tried to read some MTS files recorded on my HD Panasonic camera (AVCHD 1080i/50 format) with the WD Elements Play 2 To : a lot of small stutters in some parts of the screen, specially at high speed recordings (such as landscapes recorded in car or plane). I use a Panasonic plasma TV (2000Hz).

WD support told me to rename the files into “M2TS”. I thought these files were the same (both are different extensions used for the same container format, MTS is the extension used in legacy file systems while M2TS is used in more modern ones and MTS usually comes from an AVCHD camcorder while M2TS is from Blu-ray).

In another way, WD support also told me to convert these MTS files into another type (avi for example) but this can lead a quality loss compared with the original recording and more than a thousand files to convert will be very very long.

So is there a possibility that a new firmware can correct this problem ? I doubt to be the only one to possess an HD camera.




I very sorry to inform you that the WD Elements play does not support .MTS files.

Please check the link below with a full list of supported files for the WD Elements play.

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