Avchd => m2ts / mts

WD Media player don’t play AVCHD camcorder movies but only individual M2TS / MTS files, why?

franck67 wrote:

WD Media player don’t play AVCHD camcorder movies

Can you better explain what you mean please?

Camcorder is Panasonic HDC SD9

When copy the VIDEO file from the SD card to the mediaplayer, the structure is as follow:

container VIDEO => contains 3 containers DCIM+MISC+PRIVATE

container PRIVATE => contains 1 container AVCHD

container AVCHD => contains 3 containers AVCHDTN + BDMV + IISVPL

container BDMV => contains 3 containers CLIPINF + PLAYLIST + STREAM

container stream => contains files 00000.MTS / 15.62MB … files 00288.MTS / 12.53 MB

It’s only possible to play the individual .MTS  files, one for one. This mean 288 times click on play to see the selected videoshot.

Why can’t  play the WD mediaplayer all the individual .MTS files (videoshots) 1 times in a row?

Have you tried using the play button instead of the OK button on the first file? It should play all the files in a row.

As Proove said, press the Play button on the first file.  However there will still be gaps (maybe 1-2 secs) between each clip, which may or may not annoy you.  If you don’t want to make a movie in your favourite video editing program you could join the clips together using the excellent TSMuxerGUI by SmartLabs (it’s free).

Indeed, when press on the play button on the first file there are gaps between each clip. Maybe in the future there will be a new firmware what  providing a solution for this problem. Less useful join the clips together by using TSMuxer or connect your camcorder to the TV.  

I doubt if this could be fixed with new firmware - I believe it’s down to the low performance of the CPU.

try it, maybe will WD media player become THE PLAYER  for all users of Sony and Panasonic AVCHD camcorders.