AVCHD files cannot be red by the EX2 Twonky Media Server


My HD SONY camera, creates AVCHD files (.MTS or .MT2S) that can be played with any media player on the computer, or on my blu-ray player. But the Twonky Media Server is unable to read those files. Why ? A lot of cameras such as Panasonic, Canon, JVC and SONY are using this format, so I think they are a lot of people that would be interested by reading this kind of video file on the EX2. Is it planed to upgrade the Twonky media server to support those files ?

Thanks for your answer.


Are you trying to play the files on your computer from the EX2 or using a different device like a Smart TV?

Are you able to see the files on the drive?

Hi ERmorel,

I try to play this files on a Samsung smart TV. I don’t know which drive you talking about ?

MTS and MT2S files should be read by Twonky, this is incredible, you by a NAS about 450 € (500$) and it is not able to read MTS files ? It is a joke or a robbery ? When will this be available ? Every other NAS on the market support those files, I can’t believe it, is this seious from WD ?