Struggling to get the My Cloud app work with iPad

Was so excited to have a wireless solution for my nephew’s animation production but it’s proving to be quite useless with an iPad. My Cloud app is not at all user friendly or functional.

Set up drive initially with little to no problem and it started a wireless backup that quit after about 7 files. Not sure why. My Cloud app is very frustrating. Consistently getting error messages with no work around or additional information. Connection breaks. Switched to a wired connection to manually transfer over 5K in photos. No easy way to do this through My Cloud, not even a ‘select all option’.

Found a youtube video suggesting using the My Documents app which seems to have a better interface, thumbnails, select all feature, etc. This app kept giving error messages. Either it crashes while trying to process such a large amount of documents or gives a ‘can’t open file’ error message, with no identifying reason (yes, it has access permissions).

Was hoping this would be a good option for him to easily access his archival media with the same ease as Google Drive or other cloud storage but the app is so incompatible with iPad. Tested the PC/browser dashboard and this product seems better suited for PC applications than iPad. Am I missing something? Should I get a Lacie Fuel instead?


You could refer to the following link: