Does My Passport Wireless work with iOS Files app through USB connection?


I did google around this topic but not be able to find an answer. It seems the latest MyCloud app is compatible with iOS Files app, most online pages only confirm that Files app can access My Passport Wireless Pro/SSD drive though MyCloud app integration WIRELESSLY. But does it work through USB connection? I knew the new iPadOS already have USB mass storage access ability in beta, but I need this non-wireless workflow working in next two weeks. Thanks.


Well, if you’re beta-testing iPadOS USB connectivity, then you’re in a better position to answer the question than us…

If the Files app works with ANY of your USB drives, it’ll work with the MPW, as it’s an ordinary USB drive when it’s not being used wirelessly.

Thanks for reply. Unfortunately, iPadOS beta is really unstable at the moment. It’s fun to test new things, but not good idea to put on my work iPad yet. :wink:

As iPadOS is released now, I could test it and unfortunately it doesn’t work.
Device is consuming too much power which means that the wired hard disk doesn’t make use of the internal powerbank. And yes also when it is switched on. At least I haven’t found a solution yet.

I’ve read that it wont work on iPad if formatted NTFS or ExFat. It’s supposed to work if formatted HFS+ or FAT 32. I left my drives at my studio, but will check them tomorrow and report back.

I have done some test now with the genuine Apple Lightning USB 3 adapter. (I have tried cheaper 3rd party ones but they all did not transfer the or enough power to the HDD.)
As necessary I have also attached a power source to the adapter.
The iPad Pro 256 GB is 2nd gen and has iPadOS 13.1.2

  1. 2 TB WD HardDisk with fat32 no problem

  2. 4 TB WD HardDisk with exfat: spins up but is not shown in files app

  3. Thumb Drives and Card readers both in fat32 or exFat no problem

  4. WD Wireless Pro 1TB in exFAT (as from the factory) shows up and works as you would expect. Goes also into sleep mode.
    In contrast to a PC/Mac it only shows the HDD partition and not any attached storage to the USB port or a SD card inserted into the slot.
    I guess this is a limitation of the Files App not recognising the WD hub.

  5. Transfer speed from the WD to the internal storage of the iPad : 0,9 GB in 13 sec; 3,2 GB in 50 sec ==> 60 MB/sec that‘s impressive against the transfer speed of wireless connection.

  6. While the WD is connected to the adapter, the powerbank feature through the USB plug of the WD does not work, so you can‘t use this as a power source for the adapter. For being completely mobile you will need another powerbank.

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I have also had an opportunity to test both of my My Passport Wireless SSD (500Gb) and My Passport Wireless Pro. Both are formatted HFS+ and they work perfectly with the standard Apple Branded USB adapter to USB-C required for the iPad Pro.

Both drives were on recognized on both of my iPad Pro’s.

I did not need any additional power.

The Wi-Fi light turned off as soon as the Drive was detected by the iPad Pro.

Hi Jeff,

how do you get out of the WD to the Ipad ?

do you use the USB output of the WD ? or the PC/Mac port ?

I try with the PC/MAc and nothing appears on my ipad… whereas it works with my USB key…

thanks regards


I use the supplied USB3 cable to connect the MPW to the iPad Pros via the Apple branded USB3 to USBC adapter. It works fine with both units and Gen 2 and Gen 3 iPad Pros. The latest update to Lightroom allows me to import photos directly into LR.