My passport wireless pro - iPad pro


Anyone knows if its possible to connect the iPad pro with the wireless pro with cable? I tried to work with it wireless, but the connection is to slow to even preview without lags… Wonder if its possible to just connect it with a cable and work with it the same way, fex in Lumafusion? Guess cable connection would remove the lags and slowness?

What format is the drive formatted in? I’ve read reports that it will connect if formatted FAT 32 and HFS+. I can test mine tomorrow and report back.

I have also had an opportunity to test both of my My Passport Wireless SSD (500Gb) and My Passport Wireless Pro (3TB). Both are formatted HFS+ and they work perfectly with the standard Apple Branded USB adapter to USB-C required for the iPad Pro.

Both drives were on recognized on both of my iPad Pro’s.

I did not need any additional power.