WD My Cloud IOS App not detecting My Passport Wireless

Hi, I have a My Passport Wireless 2TB

I can connect to the web interface and mount the drive on my Mac when connected to the drives wireless network

On my IPad i can connect to the drives wireless network and the web interface, but the My Cloud app does not detect the drive at all. I have tried this on my phone and another Ipad with the same results.

I have deleted the app and reinstalled with no luck.

Any pointers here would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, have you verified if your unit has the latest firmware update? Also i would recommend turning off cloud access and then re enabling it to see if that helps you out, because it seems that the unit can communicate with the phones and iPads, but not remotely.

Move away from your computer and other electronic gadgets to eliminate any strong interference (like go to another room or floor)  Try to connect you iThing to your MPW wireless, now, and also try connecting the app to MPW.

Hello, I had the same problem as you. I solved the problem by downlaoding the firmware update file to my computer and going to the dashbord page under the firmware tab then  updated it by pressing the “Update From File” bottom and uplaodin the update file… After uploading the file and updating, you should go to your wireless connection and choose MyPassport then go to your My Cloud app and you will find your device…
Wish this can solve your problem as well.