iPad 2 photos app fails to "see" My Cloud (My Passport Wireless Pro)

I have a WD MPWP which has previously worked fine with my iPad 2 but just recently the photos app doesn’t “see” My Cloud.
I’ve reset the network settings on the iPad and reset the Wireless Pro.
Then restarted both iPad and WD MPWP and connected wifi to the WD MPWP, launched the My Cloud app.
The launch the photos app and select the photos I want to upload to WD MPWP and select the upload icon but the MyCloud icon is not present.
I can access the WD MPWP through My Cloud but photos app doesn’t see it.

All and any help appreciated, I’ve just returned from a trip to Brazil and have over 4000 photos sitting on my iPad that I want to transfer to my PC via the WD MPWP.