Can't connect to My Cloud with iPad 2

I’m very pleased with my WD My Passport WiFi, I can connect to all my devices but the most important one - Our iPad.

It’s an iPad 2 with ios 6.1.6 (It’s too slow with never OS). For some reason the nevest version of My Cloud is not compatible with my OS, and an older version is installed. However the Passport WiFi can’t be found there.

I don’t know how to connect it manually in the app - somehow you should get an activation code.

Can anyone help me to connect my beloved iPad to the Passport WiFi.

best regards


Only the app versions 4 and later work with the My Passport WiFi, and v4.0 requires iOS 7 IIRC.

The MPW doesn’t use Activation Codes… it only supports local discovery.

Thanx for the quick reply :wink:

There are other apps you can try and connect the iPad 2 with MPW.  I have FileBrowser on an iPad 1 and 3 and you mght be able to connect using FileBrowser. There is a “light” version you can try for free.