Streaming to xbox one

I purchased this drive because I wanted to be able to stream to multiple devices in my home and when I’m traveling. Can I stream my media to an xbox one from the MYP Wireless? And how? please and thank you.

Yes, you can. Inside the Passport Wireless, there is Twonky Media Server installed as dlna-certified media server. Activating the Twonky shows the Passport Wireless, if connected wirelessly into your home network, as media server within the Xbox. Some as for traveling, connect your mobile device via Wifi to the Passport Wireless and access the media server.

Xbox: please be aware of several limitations in the Xbox. Not all kind of files and codecs are supported by Xbox and maximum video resolution is limited to 720p.

How do I do this?

Always good method is RTFM, page 30 and following of the PDF :smile:

English User Manual Passport Wireless