Serve Up HD Through Home WiFi Router

I want to attach and serve up or provide access to the MyPassport Wireless drive - through my home WiFi Router. — RATHER THAN ---- use the built in WiFi point. I want it to serve up media, and to appear as an additional drive in Windows Explorer for any device attached to my home WiFi network.

There is no ethernet cable, so is there a way to do this???

Side question : Does the MyPassport Wireless use windows MTP? [Media Transfer Protocol]?? It’s slower than pond water in late August. As is, it’s pretty much worthless as media server and drive via its own WiFi.

Thanks In Advance!

It’s in the user manual,
Page 30 of the PDF: how to connect the Passport Wireless into your Home Wifi
After connection is done, you’ll find the drive in your network environment.

The Passport Wireless has built-in Twonky Media Server. As soon as your Passport Wireless is connected into your home wifi and you have enabled the Twonky Media Server, then it will appear in all your dlna capable devices as Media Server source.

I looked through the pdf. There is a section there about “Connecting to a Public Wi-Fi Network/Internet”. HOWEVER, the documentation doesn’t match the Admin screen. According to the pdf you provided, under the WiFi tab, there’s supposed to be a switch to another network. I do NOT have that link or button. (See Attached Pic)

WHY…is is sooOOOOooo difficult??? I knew I should have gotten a SeaGate. I just want it to work and NOT have to spend hours on Forums, reading ■■■■ to figure it out.

It should work like ANY USB drive, it should be THAT simple.

So what’s wrong??? Why can’t I connect my Wireless Passport to my Linksys EAS6000 router as USB drive? I put a thumb drive in there, and it works FINE, easy as pie. I put the My Passport Wireless drive in there…and it doesn’t recognize it.


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