Can drive be connected to host port and Wifi?

I am thinking about buying the My Passport Wireless SSD but only if it work in a particular scenario.

Can I have it connected to both my home wifi and to a media player via the usb 2.0 port?

The media player would only need read access to the files on the SSD

So. . . .not sure I can answer. . .but considering how much you are paying for the answer. . . . .

. . . .the Wireless and Wireless Pro work in one of two modes: (I think the SSD version would be the same)

  1. External USB drive. Plug the drive into a computer USB port. . .and the thing works EXACTLY like an external hard drive. WiFi and network functions are automatically disabled.

  2. Wireless mode: Turn on the drive (either plugged into charging cable or not; but definitely NOT plugged into a computer); the drive will activate the wireless access functions, and it will act either as:
    a) a wireless network complete with a single harddrive wired onto the network;
    b) a networked Wi-Fi harddrive.

So - - -if your media player can “read” an external hard dive when plugged in. . .I think the wireless pro will work like in “case 1”.

Hope this helps.

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The user manual for the SSD is combined with the Pro model manual, and difference between the two are mentioned when necessary,

When used at home the wireless drive should be connected to the home router; concurrently, for improved performance. One, is for being able to pick up the signal any where in house via home wi-fi.

I say it can be used like a NAS. For example, I can use a media player app on my phone or iPad to receive the media signal from wireless drive and play it on my TV using BT or Chromecast. Basically, if I can do it from the My Cloud device, I can do it from the wireless drive.

Before buying download the combined user manual for the SSD/Pro drives.

In theory it could but in practice the wifi troubles of that devices are too big and cost too much nerves (see my postings here) that you’d better do yourself a favour and dont buy WD Passport wireless.