Streaming to my Bedroom TV

I have the WD TV Live Hub Media player connected to my Living Room TV(HDMI).  I don’t have it connected to my laptop yet as i use a external USB drive to put stuff from my computer on and then plug that external USB Drive to my Hub in order to transfer over.  Is there a way to stream what i have on my Hub connected to my living room TV to my Bedroom TV without it being connect to my laptop.  Now that i don’t need to make DVDs it has kinda left me out of being able to watch my movies in the bedroom. 


If you connect the Hub to your network, you could purchase a Live (or Plus) and, when also networked, stream content from the Hub to the Live in your bedroom.  The Hub functions as a NAS when in standby, so all the content on its internal drive will be available.  

I’m not 100% sure about content on an external drive connect to the Hub… I know it’s visible via SAMBA, so you should be able to access it via network share connection from the Live.  

I don’t think the Hub’s Twonky media server indexes / shares content on external drives though.

The HUB acts as a server, so anything that will connect to a server will work as long as what every you use will decode the file types that you have on the HUB.