Newbie Question--Interconnectivity/networking of multiple WD TV live devices


I just bought a WD TV Live Hub and transferred over 8000+ music tracks to the internal drive plus about 500 photos.

Works just fine on the attached AV system —Cool–exactly what I expected–

I really like the internet options too !

I have a WiFi network in the house and the WD TV Live Hub is plugged directly into a LAN port in the WiFi router.

Question is, since this is called a hub and the WD ads say I can enjoy my content throughout the house—

If I buy a seperate additional WD TV live media player— with the WiFi–

Can I hook that into another AV system in a different room and connect /network to the music and photos in the hub HD and play them from there?—WITHOUT a companion computer ?


yes, that’s what I love about it.