Newbie looking for clarification

Hi all,

As the subject says, I’m a newbie to the streaming world, and I’m looking for some clarification about the WD TV Live Hub.

Doing my research, I’ve realize that WD is the best when it comes to streaming online content and personal content to my HDTV so I’m either going to buy the Hub or the TV Live Media Player, depending on what I find about this question.

To me, the two look basically the same. Only difference that I can see is that the Hub has a 1TB HD and the Media Player is wireless set. I already have a 1 TB external HD so it’s the wireless that I need some clarifying about. Am I right in saying that if I connect an ethernet cable from the Hub to my router, I’ll be able to access all the media that I have stored on network wirelessly? 

That’s the confusing part for me. My wireless router isn’t far from my HDTV so that wouldn’t be a problem to do, if I can access everything wirelessly as it seems I can do with the Media Player. And although it’d be cool to be able to stream media to every DNLA-ready TV in my house, that’s not really a game-changer for me…but the wireless is.

Right now, I have my eyes set on the Media Player for the sole fact that I’d be able to access the media on my networks from my couch without having to get up and connect and copy and all that. 

I think that’s everything, so thanks for your time, and an early thanks for your responses.


I am not really sure what you want to know as you are talking about cables and wireless in the same line.

The Live Streaming has inbuilt wifi which means that you can connect wirelessly to your router without using any cable. You can also use an ethernet cable between your player and router, this is better than wifi - you can also do this with the Hub. The hub does not have inbuilt wifi but you can add an adaptor (if you get the correct type) and get wifi. Both Live Streaming and Hub can access your network either by ethernet cable or wifi (the hub needs an adaptor to enable wifi)

Though you did explain a lil bit, I’ll be a lil clearer.

Out of the box the media player is able to use wifi to access all of the media on my computers in my network. Correct?

The hub does not. But what I want to know is can I connect an Ethernet cable from the hub to my wireless router and gain wifi access to my network computers? Or can I only do this by buying a wireless stick?

Basically I want to be able to wirelessly access all the computers on my network without having to connect and copy.

Thanks for the help and reply

You are not making sense mate.

Wireless is that…wireless.

Ethernet cable will let you connect to your networked computers. Obviously they have to be connected to your router either wirelessly or Cable to do this.

Thats what networked means ?

I think I understand if you hook the hub up to you router via a cable yes you will be able to access all of your network computers and such just as you would if you use the SMP wireless. It is far better to connect any media player to your network Via a cable much better results especially when you start streaming bluray stuff

Any PC you have connected to your router by wire or wifi is accessable to any other PC that is connected to the router by wire or wifi. BUT each PC must be told what to share and who to share it with.

 Very basic: the hub or a WD SMP is just another shared PC does not matter that its wired or wifi as long as its connected to the router and its been told to share.  

Keep in mind this is VERY basic.