Live or Live Hub?

I’m considering buying a WD TV Live or a WD TV Live Hub and i have a couple of questions: Skimming through the manuals the absolutely only difference between the two devices seems to be integrated wifi or not and integrated hard disk or not. All other functions seem to be exactly the same. Am I correct, or have I missed something? Other than wifi and hard disk, what are the hardware differences between the two devices. I would have assumed for example that the newer WD TV Live had a newer and faster CPU, but one message I read seemed to imply that the Hub is in fact faster even though it is older. Can anyone elucidate on the hardware differences between the two? Having in the past had a d-link and a netgear media player, I’ve experienced how some companies release media players, support them for a few years with firmware upgrades and then stop any further firmware upgrades even though there may still be existing issues with the latest firmware available (the netgear eva8000 is a particularly bad example, whilst newer firmware versions added cool functions not originally advertised, some of the originally advertised features never worked properly). What is WD’s track record in this respect?

one difference I do know is that if you like user themes the hub has a bigger selection (it’s been out longer) and it can also have larger themes because of the included storage that the SMP doesn’t have.

also the HUB also had dedicated DLNA Media Server built in and the SMP doesn’t.

don’t really know about the overall cpu speed though, sorry.