Stream a dvd from a mac to the wdtv live box?

Hello all.

Just bought a new house and I am currently in the process of mounting the tv. I HATE the wires under the tv so I am cutting out all I can to make it happen. I have everything covered except for the dvd player. So here is my question.

Is it possible to put a dvd into my macbook pro, and stream it to the wdtv live box? Is there a special program or something even simpler? The free’er the better!

Thanks in advance!


I havent tried this but you should be able to share the DVD over the network.

Check the link below for more information.

Let me know if this works.



Note:  These types of discs or activities are not supported by DVD or CD sharing:

  • DVD movies.
  • Audio CDs.
  • Copy protected discs such as game discs. 
  • Install discs for an operating system such as Microsoft Windows (for use with Boot Camp), or Mac OS X. 
  • Burn a CD or DVD


Ill give it a try but I am doubtful…thanks for the suggestion though. Anyone else have any ideas?

Bite the bullet and hammer a small slit (right word in this context?) into the wall that can be plastered, or go with a slim cable channel?