Connecting MBP directly to WDTV live plus (ethernet)

Hi everyone,
I have my macbook pro (OS X Lion) connected to the internet via wifi. My WDTV (connected via wifi too) won’t see my MBP shares. I understand that it has something to do with SMB and Lion. So now I want to connect my MBP to the WDTV using an ethernet cable. How do I go about doing that? I know its not just about plugging the cable from one end to the other   Would someone be able to provide some steps? I tried to fiddle around with it, but it’s not working for some reason. Thanks everyone!

Before trying to connect the WD TV to  your computer, why don’t you try the advice in the link below?


Thanks for the link.  I tried that, but unfortunately its not working.  I downloaded Twonky, and its seeing all my shares now.  However, the movies seem to be stuttering.  That might attribute to the slow wireless connection at my parents house.  I have a faster connection at home, so I’ll try that out tomorrow.  I just wanted to know how to be able to use the wired method in case all else fails.