Strange Noise: PR4100 with 4x8TB WD Red



my PR4100 with 4 x WD Red 8TB makes occasionally (3 or 4 times a day) strange noise.
The noise appears when idle or while reading or writing.
I have done the expanded hard drive test on the PR4100 and I have also testet the hard drives with another PR4100 and with a QNAP NAS => Same noise.

I have recorded a Video, where you can hear this noise clearly.

Don’t be irritated to the message on the lcd, it permanently shows “in Standby mode” (already startet a ticket for this issue).

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See if this helps to identify the sound that you are getting.



thank you. But does not help at all.

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Hey @mrxad81,

Did you ever figure this out? I’m hearing the exact same sound, for the first time, out of my pr4100.

BTW… thanks for the video, helpful to confirm it isn’t just me.




unfortunatly not. Changed it 3 times and returned it completely. Seems like all machines have this problem.

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i have a similar noise issue with 2 x red pro 10 TB hard drives… not the buzzing sound at the beginning of your video but more like the clicking that follows it.

did you return and replace the entire PR4100 3 times? same noises with each replacement? i submitted a case to WD Support for my situation, not very helpful- they pointed me to the same “How to tell if the noise…” link, then i responded to let them know that the Data Lifeguard Quick and Extended tests passed successfully, and their response was to RMA the drives- how are they coming to that recommendation?? i provided no feedback to indicate that the noise issues i’m encountering are problematic- i made note of this to WD Support and have received no response since, so i’m less inclined to RMA the drives now.

at this point, my gut tells me that the drives are fine, as there seems to be a pattern of users reporting similar issues, which i think means that my issue is not as likely to be a one-off bad set of drives. i don’t want to RMA the drives only to receive two new ones that have the same noise- i feel like maybe this is what happened to you? my biggest concern with keeping the drives is not knowing for sure if these noises are considered normal, and then one day they quit- wish i could get a straight answer from WD Support…


My PR4100 4x 8TB makes the same exact same noise as in your video. Everything else seems fine, but I’d love some confirmation!


Hi, i have the same exact issue with 10GB WD RED HDDs in a QNAP TS-253A NAS. The drives seem fine. No errors after testing with the WD test utilities and no errors after long term SMART tests.

Wish someone from WD could shed some light on those this issue.


My PR4100 with 4 x WD Red 8TB makes the same noise regularly.

Does anyone have more info on this?

What to do? Should i be worried?


Yep. I am sitting here right next to my pr4100 with 4x10tb drives and it is giving me the exact same buzz sound as what I heard in your sound clip. This is why I am here. I searched for “pr4100 buzzing sound” and found this thread.

I have had this drive for perhaps 6-8 months? My first pr4100 (purchased sometime around nov 2017) failed and i lost all of my data (terabytes worth). They then sent this one out to me.

Does anyone know what it is?


you know what? something told me to put my hand on the case to see if that is contributing to the cause. Low and behold, I simply laid my hand on the top of my case and the vibrating noise was dramatically reduced. The question now becomes, what is going on in the case (what is spinning or moving) that causes the buzzing to start up and then go away after a while. In fact, after putting my hand on the case a couple of times the buzzing went away after i took my hand off.


That sounds like a dry fan bearing. The easy way to tell which one is to touch the hub (not the blades) of each fan in turn and see if the noise stops. The power supply fan is the hardest to test. There should be a rubber seal under the sticker in the middle of the fan. Fill the space under it with a light machine oil. Some cheap fans don’t have a rubber seal and just use the sticker. You will need to replace the sticker in that case. With proper oiling, a fan can last a long time.

WARNING: If the power supply fan is the culprit, get a professional to oil it for you. The warnings on power supplies are no joke.


Anyone ever come up with a solution or figure out what this actually is?

Mine does the same thing. All my HDDs are healthy (4 12TB WD Gold Drives).

I haven’t played with the fan yet but it seems weird that this would be where this noise is coming from.


I have similar sounds with 2 WD Red 10TB…is there a fan inside the HDDs? In my opinion this sounds like the head is moving up and down…


Come on WD, why you cannot tell if this is a normal sound or not???

It should be no Problem as you are the manufacturer of These HDDs!!!


What about the PWM of the fans? Did anyone of you try to disconnect all kind of fans in that unit and do a test in “fanless mode”?


I have a SilentNAS HS-453DX from QNAP without any fans……I am not a HDD expert, but I guess there are not fans inside the HDD???