WD Red 10 TB Repeating noise

Dear Community,

since a few days I have a WNAP SILENT NAS HS-453DX and 2x WD Red 10 TB, no Raid.
After a few Hours in Duty, one or both HDDs make a noise that doesn´t disappear…it is not a clicking, it sounds as if the head(s) move on and on, maybe in a change (?) between the two drives ….please take a look there :slight_smile: . The NAS also doesn´t seem to be able to go/get the drives into sleep/idle mode.
The HDDs do the “beeping” sounds more regularly than in the links, and also without any tasks from the NAS.
I haven´t uploaded lots of Apps so I don´t think the HDDs are doing the noise because of heavy duties….it seems to me that they are doing it without any Duty…the NAS also is´t going in Sleep mode.

Is this a Software/NAS/HDD Problem???



These links are not from me(thanks to the uploaders), but these are exactly the sounds I hear.

I have bought this NAS and the HDDs für being silent, but this is not acceptable….

I have also opened a ticket here, but am in a hurry to being able to retrun the drives without any Problems…

Thanks for your help in Advance


You can test the drive using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for windows on windows based PC. To know the steps refer to the link given below.

If the test result comes out as Failed. You can replace the drive from the link given below if it is under warranty.

I still have These sounds in my NAS, it is not acceptable as I bought These WD Red 10TB drives for being silent and compatible to my NAS.

I can´t understand, that you as the manufacurer of these drives, cannot tell me if these sounds shown in the video and the voice-link are normal, or not normal???

You should be able to tell me if this sounds as a normal Media Scan or something similar that is alright, then These drives are not usable for Living-room SilentNASs.


the last Video was when I disconnected the right, 2nd HDD physically and removed virtually the left first one, so there was no Volume shown in the NAS System at all…still having electrical power, the left HDD continued to make those sounds….