WD Red Drive Shrill Squeaky Sound

Hi. I was not sure where to go for help on this. Last May I upgraded and bought two larger NAS drives for our server. Over the summer we started hearing an intermittent squeaky sound coming from the server. I finally identified it as one of the drives. Here is the sound on YouTube.

Should this drive be replaced before something happens? Is it under warranty?
This was bought from B&H last May.
WD 4TB Red 5400rpm Sata III 3.5” Internal NAS HDD Retail Kit.
Serial # WX22D10F1P5N

Thank you.


Please refer to the following KBA:

Hi. Thanks for the response. This is not a clicking sound. It is a high pitched squeal…like fine metal rubbing together at high speed like a dentist drill. The other identical drive right next to it makes no sound. And the previous twin WD drives I had installed before these never made a sound. Did you watch the videos I attached? You can hear the intermittent sound it makes. Thank you.