Strange menu pop up when trying to unlock My Book

I have a My Book with password.
I had my computer fixed after a virus.
Now, when I try to unlock My Book, I’m seeing an old-school black box that says
an old school command prompt box
This isn’t the usual when clicking ‘unlock’. Usually I can just type my password and get in.
This is illlogical that is happening. Why would clicking “unlock” in WD Storage open up a windows command prompt?
Side Note: I have tried downloading WD drive, WD security, WD backup in my WD Discovery. They are taking forever to finish downloading and won’t finish loading as apps. Whats with that?

Hi @ButtheadBravoOneTwo,

I would like to inform you that “an old school command prompt box” is related to Microsoft settings.

Please check Windows account settings.

This is happening here as well. C:\Windows\WOW64> and sometimes the indication that not enough memory is available, on top of the prompt (sometimes nothing instead, just the standard prompt saying all rights reserved just before). I have a performing computer and 16 GB of memory, out of which 10 free. The device is password-locked, but I set it to unlock automatically the last time, in order not to go through the hassle each time. Now it doesn’t open anymore, so my 4 TB of data in there are completely unaccessible. What’s going on?


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I’m having same issue, cmd opens instead of the password dialog. Fifteen years of backups on different platforms and this one was considered to be the secure one :frowning:

It happened some times last winter or so, but now it has been completely inaccessible for several months. Someone had said that the security of your backups is inverse to their usability and I can’t deny that…

I am having the same issues as above - did anyone find a fix?

For everybody who faces the problem, the WD software has 2 tabs, one with “storage” title by default, one with “apps”.
When clicking on “unlock” in storage, I faced the same issue (cmd window opened instead of unlocking HD).
The solution is to click on “apps” and then on app “WD utilites”. This open the app where the password is requested. Type in your password and it will unlock your HD.
Hope it helps

This is late, but have you tried to run WD as administrator? Worked for me. Just right click the WD shortcut on the desktop and run it as administrator.