My Book WD problem

My Book, requires a password to open, can open if you do not install a password. Select WD to request file to open. Have been using this method for years, no password. Now when I request WD to open My Book, it will not open requires a password. I have never install a password, now it appears that if I can’t open My Book, all info that I have posted will be lost will be erase. I am a loss to what to do, if I shut My Book down will lose all Family info. Need help?

@Bob61 What device and operating system do you use the My Book with? Are you able to provide an image of what comes up asking you for a User Name or E-Mail address and Password.

If you are using Windows have you checked your credentials to see if anything is there about My Book? See example image below.

Using Microsoft/Window 10. When I use WD unlock, the image that comes up is asking that I submit the password. I do not have a password for My Book, I did not enter one be cause of the statement that if you did not have a password you would lose all information if you couldn’t enter a password. I entered info then turned off My Book. Spoke with My Book Tech, they referred me to a Data Recovery unit, if I shipped the Hard Drive to them they would see what they could do, they did not indicate how much it would cost.

Could not find any thing about My Book in Control Panel.