Unexpected prompt for a password when attempting to open My Book after updating SmartWare

Hello all, hoping you can guide me through correcting this.
Hadn’t used the older version of SmartWare in awhile. Trying to launch the program would come up blank. Downloaded current 2.4.14 from the WD site, extracted onto MyBook and ran the installer. It installed over the earlier version. Opened SmartWare and then connected MyBook, clicked on unlocker as usual and am prompted for a password, fair enough but I’ve never had a password. Help in SmartWare 2.4 says under Settings I should find a Set Up Drive feature where apparently I can create the said required password, fair enough again, but lo and behold, no Set Up Drive feature is available. Now I am certain there is something I am missing here and thus my plea to all that reads this post for a little guidance, and no I haven’t exceeded the 5 attempt limit on password tries. Thanks in advance ( I hope! )

Let’s take some babysteps.

With WD SmartWare closed, do you see your hard drive in the Computer section of Windows Explorer?

Thanks Tracer. Yes it shows up as WD Unlocker. Clicking on it brings up
this window. As as stated in the post there is no drive setup when I do
open Smartware.

Sean Ferris

Problem resolved. I tried my current login password on my laptop and it was accepted. Thanks for the consideration.