Strange aspect ratio issue with streching of SOME of the picture

No matter what MKV movie I stream from various USB drives, the aspect ratio is all out of whack. The size is correct, whether it’s a 16:9 or 21:9 movie etc. What happens is sometimes the picture in the center looks fine but the left and right sides are slightly strectched. Then sometimes its the oppisite. So if a movie pans left or right in a scene you can see someones head go from normal to elongated and back. Seriously frustrating. Anyone have this issue? Thanks!

BTW, the same MKV’s play fine in my Playstation…

It’s your TV. The WD players don’t do that.

I wish that was true, but as I said, the same file played through my playstation does not do that. It plays perfectly fine. So, it is definitely the WD. Must have a lemon…thanks for replying.

Your play station uses the same cable path and inputs as the WD?