Unsynched Audio

I have the WD TV Media Player w/ 2TB drive and a relatively good portion of my dvds play well on the player. There are the exceptions that play with audio that is not synched up to the actor’s words. Same with some movies that have jerking movements throughout the whole movie. Anyone else experiencing these issues? Is it my ripping software on these select movies or the actual player + older television not being able to support each other? Any thoughts would be welcomed.

Have you updated to the latest firmware? What format is the video and audio encoded with? How many reference frames are you using on these?

hey GP,

I have updated to the latest firmware.

all videos are running in .avi.

video codec = mpg4

bitrate 1500

audio codec = mp3

bitrate = 128

i dont know what a reference frame is.

i hope that helps. am not big on terminology and changing my settings. i usually just slap the dvd in, rip and away we go.

I have the same problem with mp4 files (second gen media player with latest firmware). Basically the fast forwarding seems to mess up the sync. I have talked today to tech support. As they told me,  I have reset the player. Before I did that I had a huge difference, at least 3-5 seconds. Now it is about 1 (maybe 2) second(s).

Again, I would urge the team to fix this sync problem … will call in the next days again.

I’ve had sync issues with lots of different file formats such as mkv, avi, mp4, and so finally I just started ripping everything to straight ISO. I didn’t really have any problem until last night when I was watching a movie which was an ISO and ran into audio/video sync issues. It looks like there are no safe file formats in my opinion.