Storage issues with my EX4100

Not so recently I’ve purchased EX4100 with 4 slots of 3T each.
The partition I chose was JBOD.
So, my question is whether I can decide to which one of 4 drives to import my files?
Since while opening My Cloud via explorer i can see only 3 folders (Public, Smartware and Timemachinebackup), I can see My Cloud only as one big drive of 12T, but not as 4 drives of 3T each.
Is it possible at all to choose a specific drive to upload files to? Should I change a partition kind?
Thx in advance

You need to go back to the WD Community and under Network Attached Storage>My Cloud EX Series place your question there.

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If it’s in fact JBOD, you should NOT see all the drives together as “one big drive of 12T.” Double check your drive configuration as it sounds like you’ve configured SPANNING or RAID0 instead.

If it’s JBOD, you need to create specific volumes and assign those volumes to specific disks.
Then, when you create shares, you choose which volume owns that share.

It is definitely JBOD. But when I created this kind of partition, I wasn’t asked to create volumes or assign them to discs. I see in the dashboard that I can do some actions under volume 1 or 2 or 3 or 4, but I don’t see the actual division to discs.
BTW, when I talked with my local support, I’ve been told that even in JBOD I won’t be able to see this kind of partition, but only a one whole storage of 12T