Usb backup to ex4100 in jbod

I have set up my ex4100 in jbod with 2 6tb drives, and currently trying to move my movie and tv files from several usb drives. I thought I’d be able to determine where these files would go (TV on drive 1 and movies on drive 2) but it seems like when I attach a drive to the back of the NAS and create a backup job, the only choice I’m given is to which shared folder it will go. I guess my question is why can’t I select which drive, and if that’s not how it works, will it just switch over to drive 2 after 1 is full. Also, if that’s the case, what happens if a file is too big for the remainder of drive 1? Thanks in advance.

Nevermind. Once I got some sleep I was able to figure out the shares for each volume. Seems like everything is set up for Raid but all’s well that ends well.

Hi there

I am glad to see you were able to figure it out, hopefully this can help other users that have the same inquiry.