Storage 95 percent full message

I’m currently running my Ex4100 with 2 6tb red drives in JBOD. Everything is great but the red light just went on saying I’ve reached 95 percent full on one of the drives. When I log in to the NAS and click on the info for the message, it explains that I need to move or remove files off to prevent drive failure. My question is why would it create drive failure? I’m not running programs on it that might need additional space to write to, these are just movies and static files. Shouldn’t I be able to pretty much fill it up? If not, that means that we’re probably only getting about 5.1tb out of a 6tb drive, which seems very low to me. Anyone with any experience with this?

The NAS’s O/S itself needs writable space for log files, system files, etc.

I’ll buy that, but 300gb worth? That seems like a lot.

Take a look at the network recycle bin setting. Maybe there you are loosing so much space

Thank You. Just checked and the recycle bin setting shows off.

Is extended logging activated?

No, extended logging is off.

You say you store movies - do you use a media server like plex on the ex4100?

No plex or anything like that. I stream the movies from the NAS to a WDTV Live. Nothing that I can see writes to the NAS. Even so, the fact that it’s filling up is not the problem (I know that I have a lot of movies on there) my problem is I think I should be able to get within 98 - 99 percent full without problems. I’m hoping that this is a generic warning and that I can put a few more things on there without drive failure.