EX4100 Power Led is Solid Red

Hi there,
I own a EX4100 with 3 drives of 3 TB each, so, 9 TB in total
I uploaded less then 4 TB (JBOD), but I do get a message that the discs are full and so I’m not able to upload anything else … !
The power led is solid red … !
What can be wrong ?
Thanks !

Sounds like you’ve put most of your “less then 4 TB” onto just one of your 3 “3 TB” drives.
i.e. the drive you’re trying to put more onto is, in fact, full.

Make sure you’ve configured shares on the other drives and try saving files to these new shares.

Whilst you’re creating new shares you can check the usage of your existing shares.


Thanks ! This really helps !
I simply forgot to prepare new shares on the other volumes !
Now it works.
Thanks again

Same problem, my power is bilking blue, than I got a solid red light. for my 24 TB. any solutions? What I can do, I can’t reach the drives. I still in sand by status. All hard disks are sane.

Maybe one of your disks is full ?
That was the problem in my case.
You should make new shares on the other drives !
Good luck !

How to know? Can I plug the nas direct on my computer. I can acces my drive via a switch now

You must be able to check if one of your disks is full !
Did you send a message to WD as well ? They can help.

not yet I will thanks