Static IP Costs Money

WD My Book Live 3tb Updated and everything else works.

WD TV Live Hub 1tb Updated and works great.

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player Updated and works great.

wd2go on the other hand use to work but does not.  

I bought this router to use with wd my book live 3tb. On the Lan it works ok, but slow.  The netgear 3700v2 was in the compatable list for the live.  I use to be able to connect with wd2go and actually watch a movie or play music stored on the drive.  Now i can only access it and the folders are mainly empty or just  the file name is there and most are alias.  I did get it to connect for a few hours yesterday and then Optimum Cable did something and I couldn’t even get on line.  I had to undo everything in the router and the live to get back on line.  I am so frustrated.  Now Cable is telling me I have to pay for a business account to get a static IP or I can not connect remotely to the live out of the Lan when I am not home.  If I knew this I never would of bought either device.  WD can’t help Cable wants money and what if that doesn’t work?  And this router wasn’t cheap either.  So which one of these companies are going to help get me up and running?  One says it’s that one fault and the other this ones fault.  Come on.  And Apple is on the **bleep** list too with their Samba mess.

Thank you in Advance,


Why would you need a static IP to setup the wd2go access? Try doing this, press the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds to restore it back to factory default without deleting the files and then follow the link below to setup the wd2go access.

It still does not work.  It switched back in one minute in front of my eyes.  I called optimum cablevision and they said i need to pay for a static ip.  And they don’t know why WD would use port 80.  They said people abuse it for their own web servers, like mainly small busnisess. So either you pay for it or you can not use it.  They said port 80 is closed. Period.  Any solutions?

You do NOT need a static IP, and you can use whatever port you want to use.

It still is not working.  May be you could explain in detail how to do this.  I’m sorry I do not know. But I can follow step by step directions.  It’s making me crazy.  I have a netgear 3700v2, My Book Live 3tb and a macbook pro snow lepord 10.6.8.  It use to work and connected to the internal ip of the live.  I don’t understand what changed except that last update.  

I got it to connect directly today and all files were there.   Upon disconnecting they were on the whole empty again.  But while connected it did revert back to relay but the live for some reason didn’t detect it and I watched another movie.  It was only when I tried to reconnect that all files are mainly empty and the ones that are there take for ever to load and when they do they play very choppy.  Any advice please.

OK it is now portforwarded and can’t connect. Now i see TCP Error 404 TomCat 6.0.32.  Now what should I do?