Startup troubleshooting

Hi to all.

I just purchased a 4TB nas, connected lan cable and power-supply, but the device shows the power-on led and the 4 disks led blinking of green colour.

I tried to reset it but the situation doesn’t change: when i turn on the device, after a few of seconds the four leds start blinking permanentley, and it is not possible to connect to the nas.

Can anyone help me?

Many thanks!


Do you have a DHCP server running in your network?

How did you try to access the NAS after powering it on? E.g. did you try to access the web interface?

If - for any reason - your NAS is trying to create an initial setup, you should be able to watch the progress on the web interface. This initial setup could take up to 2 days (with my box it took 16 hours). During that time, you can’t access the box except for watching the setup in the web interface.


I get the same thing…it doesn’t show up on the router so i can’t view it through the web interface

I know this may sound wierd but I have done it many times and it works.

Make sure your computer is not setup with an static IP but rather dynamic.

Turn your computer off.

Unplug the ethernet cable comming from your router to your computer,

Connect the drive directly to the computer with the ethernet cable and the turn your  computer back on

After you do that wait a little bit and ope the commad promt (press the windows key and letter R on your key board and type cmd on the run prompt)

Once cmd opens up type netview and this will show you the devices on the network which in this case it should only be the NAS.

This will give you the name of the device, try  pinging it (Ex. ping devicename) then hit enter

thsi will give you the IP of the device,

Try accessing it using the name or IP addresss

If there is no device listed, just open IE and type wdsharespace (I beleive this is the default name but I may be workng)

Let me know what happends