Specs for CPU operating temperature


I was examining my dx8000 monitor tab in the dashboard, and I saw the CPU temps were hovering in the 66-72 deg C range. Seems high to me for a cpu temp when the unit was basically inactive, but the fan was going at about 1500rpm and all temp indicators were listed as normal.  The enclosure is at about 47 degC. The unit is in a well ventilated office and not confined by other objects which would block airflow. Is that the CPU temp range other people are seeing?

EDIT: I guess the Intel Atom D525 processor is rated for temps up to 100 deg C. I usually work with desktops, and I never want my desktop CPU’s to exceed 60ish deg C unless I’m doing stress testing. I’m assuming in the sentinel, the CPU has a passive heatsink that relies on the system fan for cooling, so it is always going to be warmer than a desktop with a good active CPU cooler.

That is correct, since the sentinel has a passive heatsink you might find that the temperature goes higher than on a normal computer.