Wd 50 Game dock

At what temperature does the 40mm fan start working at in this dock?

No one seems to know or even has a fan that works

The SN750 installed reaches 78c when testing with CDM.

Scenario one I’ll power it on now and idle temp of NVMe will be 35c it will then when tested go to 63c and stay there so that any subsequent heavy use will send it over the 70c of specs and reach as high as 78c .

So at what point will the fan in the dock actually spin, where is the control of this fan for users.


The fan never came on during testing despite moving some pretty large files around! We moved a 64GB file to the D50 Game Dock and temperatures reached 77C. One would think this would be warm enough for the fan to kick on, but it is not. There is also no way to control the fan in the WD Dashboard app.


Note that the SSD temp reached 80° during heavy load and the fan did a reasonable job of keeping it stable. The outside temperature reached 38° – warm.

Yeah I saw that among many other reviews and dismissed it as theirs was 1TB
80c is not a good starting point if drive range is >70c.

So I’d still like a start feature for fan